How Can You Volunteer in China for Free

China volunteering provides a perfect platform to get in touch strategic programs related dynamic social, educational and environmental projects while experiencing the rich cultural tapestry it is known for. In this article, we bring you a complete guide to volunteering in China for free.

Identifying Opportunities

Research and Resources: There are several platforms that list out various volunteer opportunities in China. VolunteerMatch, Idealist and GoAbroad all list programs from teaching English to environmental conservation. The tab usually includes room and board, the two biggest items in your budget so that was where you want to focus when researching.

Programs with Full Support: Some groups like Projects Abroad and China Volunteer Service have volunteers go through a program system that is essentially fee free for the long term. Volunteers are usually required to participate in these programs for six months or a year. They house you, provide a living stipend and sometimes even will cover the cost of travel.

Choosing the Right Program

Voluntarism in Education: Teaching is a common area of occupancy, particularly in remote areas with very fewer learning resources available. English teaching in particular generally involves free accommodation and meals...and perhaps a stipend.

Wildlife Conservation & Environmental: If you are into nature and vegetation, then volunteering at a national park or reserve could be your dream job. Named after the Wolong service to save pandas, the countrywide Nature Reserve news that volunteer some time of habitat recovery and animal monitoring in alternate for free lodging.

Lost Networking and Community Integration

Social Media and Forums: Sites like Facebook, Reddit or LinkedIn will often have groups where former volunteers can discuss their experience in more detail. First-person accounts are valuable in deciding how genuine a free participation program actually is

Community Services and Local NGOs: Most of the time community services with local NGO needs volunteer work. It may not always advertise it as "free" but they generally do not charge volunteers anything. Community centers and organizations are also always in need of hands on deck for events or helping teach classes- I remember that it was seen as a regular activity at community center in Beijing when English speakers would sign up to help with the daily operations.

Legal Considerations

Visa Requirements: In order for most foreigners to work legally in China they will need a proper visa—most commonly an F visa, which is generally used when there are non commercial activities taking place. Make sure the program you wish to attend will help with securing proper visa.

Real-life Example

Beijing Normal University has one of the most successful free volunteer programs on offer. Their two month summer program where international volunteers teach English and basic computer skills in impoverished regions surrounding Beijing. The acceptance rate at Beijing Normal University for volunteers is competitive but includes accommodation, meals and cultural exchange activities. Learn more about their program. Find out more about their program

In Conclusion

Not only is it possible to volunteer for free in China, but this turns out one of the most rewarding experiences you are likely ever gonna get. It takes good preparation, putting in the time and willingness to be a part of another society. Choosing the right program and preparing correctly can play a large role in addition to travelling one of the most interesting countries on earth.

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